tips and recommendations

We got you covered. 


tips and recommendations

We got you covered. 

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The city center is rich with modern shopping centers, boutiqueues and beautiful sights to see around the city hall (Rathaus) and the Jungfernstieg ( by the Alster lake), a welcoming area with the shopping centers on one side, the lake side on the other, and not to mention a park 7 kilometer long, suitable for a nice walk next to a great view. Aside from that, a small walk away from the Boardinghouse are some of the most famous theaters and museums of the city, keeping art and culture lovers happy. 

South to the city center is the 'Hafen City', reachable with a 20 minute walk, or by taking the U4 train next to the Boardinghouse. Also one of the places that should always be on the visit list when in Hamburg. The Hafen City is a quiet young part of the city and is a complex of modern residential and office buildings. The general architectural design of the structures subtly comes in contrast with the traditional 19th century texture of the area, making it an interesting site to explore.    

If you feel like a drink or some music you can take a ride to Reeperbahn, or the 'Kiez' as we call it, one of the most exciting areas in Germany to offer evening time entertainment in every possible variety, from bars to discos, theaters to music events, festivals and parties, the red light district and the restaurants, pretty much everything is gathered up in one place to make sure the night stays young. 

After a long day the Boardinghouse offers the peaceful environment you need to refill your energy. 'Rosenstrasse' is a street next to the Alster, with enough distance from the crowded areas to make sure our guests can enjoy a relaxing coffee or dinner in the campus.  

Of course Hamburg has so much more to offer.. don't hesitate to visit us in the office and ask. Our staff will be more than happy to help you out.


our Location

All roads lead to Rosenstrasse.

our Location

All roads lead to Rosenstrasse.

From the Airport, the S1 train line will bring you directly to the central station (Hauptbahnhof), which is a 5 minute walk away from Boardinghouse Rosenstrasse.

The closest exit to us is the U2 connection (Hauptbahnhof Nord) , which is almost a minute away from our building. all other exits also lead to us, with minor differences in distance. 

For more information you can always refer to the website that will efficiently guide you through the various routes, whether if you want to come to us, or leave the Boardinghouse to another destination. 

Please note, during the week train schedules change after midnight, hence we advise gathering the necessary information in advance.   



Frequently asked questions

And the answers.

Frequently asked questions

And the answers.


How can I book an apartment at Boardinghouse Rosenstrasse?

Simply go to the online booking section of the site, if you prefer you can as well just send us an email via the contact section, or even call us .

Can I book an apartment without providing credit card information?

If you do not have a credit card you will need to proceed with the booking via phone or email, in which case after a confirmation we will arrange a bank transfer within a certain time limit .

Is it possible to book multiple apartments?

Yes. We recommend sending us an email with the necessary information, ideally 8 to 10 weeks before arrival to help us arrange the booking the best way possible, and to make sure the desired apartments are still available. 

Is my booking on secure?

Yes, your booking information is secure. All credit card information and personal data goes through a safe 'https' server and are SSL encrypted.

Can I reserve a parking lot?

Our resources on Parking lots are limited. Please let us know in advance and upon availability we will arrange the preparations.


What Booking Rates does Boardinghouse Rosenstrasse offer?

We offer 2 simple booking rates, the Standard rate with our basic prices, giving you the option to cancel a booking 21 days prior to your arrival.
The Early Booker rate  comes with various discounts, but is time-limited and the cancellation is not free of charge.

How much do I have to pay for a second person?

We do not charge a second guest because most of our guests are not travelling alone and visit us with another person. Consequently, the price for one person or two persons is exactly the same (no extra charges). However, the costs for every additional person past that point are up to 45.00 Euros / per night. 

How does the pricing work for children?

Children older than 2 years of age count as a regular person. however, children of 2 years of age or younger are free of charge , as long as the guests provide their own baby cots. However the Boardinghouse also can provide you with a baby cot for the cost of 30  per night.


Will my credit card be charged automatically upon an online booking procedure?

Your credit card information will be examined upon booking, acting as security measures. Let us know in advance how you prefer your payment to be made. In case we don't hear from you afterwards, your credit card will be charged.

What forms of payment does the Boardinghouse Rosenstrasse accept?

Basically we accept payment via credit card, Bank transfers and Paypal. In case of bookings made in the day of arrival in which the guests checks in after 06.00 pm providing credit card information is necessary. Of course Paying cash upon arrival during office time is also a valid option.


How can I change my booking?

Bookings can be changes until 21 days prior to your arrival via your booking platform (e.g. If you booked your apartment directly via email or phone, simply contact us again and based on the conditions we will make the arrangements. 

What are the conditions for a cancellation?

If you have booked you apartment based on the Standard Rate, cancellations are always available until 21 days prior to arrival. Early Booker Rates do not include a cancellation option. For any kind of cancellation request in this pricing rate, along with direct bookings, please contact us for further information and possible arrangements. Bookings on the same day as arrival day cannot be cancelled. 


What are the open-office hours?

Our office is daily from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm occupied. 

When exactly can I check-in?

Our regular check-in times are between 15.00 and 18.00. checking in between 10.00 am - 03.00 pm or after 06.00 pm is also possible, but we advise letting us know in advance to help us prepare the arrangements. 

How does a late-night check-in work?

Since our office is only open until 06.00 pm, a late check-in requires the guests to inform us in advance. We will arrange a key deposit followed by the necessary information to obtain it.


Our check-out time is latest until 11.00 am. If the guests wish to check out before the office opens, they can refer to the information flyers in the apartments, or they can simply ask our staff for the how-to's.